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Ale Marine covers all aspects of navigation with the management of an experienced team of professionals who aim to make your experience at sea a real tranquility, enjoying only the good that a yacht offers and leaving in our hands the technical, legal and human aspects.

If you wish to acquire a yacht in its entirety, Ale Marine is an exclusive distributor of Princess Yachts, the most renowned and reputable English shipyard, which with the identity and prestige of the LVMH group, to which it belongs, manufactures the highest quality and best design vessels.


Fabrica Italiana Motoscafi

Con sus modelos 340 Regina, 470 Regina y 490 Contessa, FIM produce barcos enfocados en realizar actividades “al fresco”, con amplios espacios al exterior.

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Share at Sea

It is Ale Marine's fractional navigation division. With the support and more than 50 years of experience of Aerolíneas Ejecutivas.

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Our Fleet

Princess v50

Speed32-34 Knots †


breadth4.11 m

Water capacity408 liters

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Princess 98

Speed22 knots†



Water capacity1.600 liters

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Princess 30M

Speed23-25 Knots†"



Water capacity1.614 liters

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Share at Sea
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Share at Sea

share at sea

    Share at Sea is the first fractional navigation program that allows you to enjoy, without hassle or worries, the ownership of a yacht; making the investment in the fair part of the time you need annually, and with transparent costs and no surprises. We transform navigation so that the sea is a pleasure, not a headache.


    Total management, turnkey, by Ale Marine. All fixed costs contemplated and included:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • Constant renewal of interiors

  • Certified and trained crews

  • Safeguard and legal costs

  • Fixed costs stipulated and transparent

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